Sue S...

Kim really does have "healing hands"! I found her advertisement and decided to see her for a massage for extreme back pain.  The visit to my doctor and a physical Therapist didn't help.  After an hour massage in Kim's caring manner I could have danced off the massage table! I have been with her ever since.  Thanks Kim!

Stephanie U...

About three years ago I started seeing Kim at Healing Hands due to neck pain.  Since my first appointment, I found relief and have returned on a regular basis.

Kim has come into her  office on her day off to help me out when I injured myself or gave me some special oils or tools to borrow to help me feel better. 

 If you want a great atmosphere and a great massage, I would highly recommend Kim!

Jenny B...

I had suffered from severe tension headaches for about a year. I was worried about all the ibuprofen I had been taking and my doctor suggested I try massage therapy. A couple of weeks later I met Kim at the Johnston Farmers Market. I paid for a 10 minute massage that totally changed my life! She immediately located the problem areas in my back and shoulders.

With regular appointments, I no longer suffer from the headaches and no longer need the ibuprofen. 

Thanks Kim!!!